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Things that will happen before sherlock series three


3 months ago on January 13th | J | 1,097 notes

Sherlock, starring Martin Freeman as John ‘no homo’ Watson

3 months ago on January 1st | J | 465 notes

Okay, I’m going to liveblog it, but on my personal. If anybody wants to hear my (Admin Hannah’s) point of view on the episode, I’ll be over at lesbihannah, you can hear my sarcasm there.

3 months ago on January 1st | J | 3 notes

I kind of want to liveblog Sherlock, but I know everyone following this blog are huge fans who really love the show and in the past few months I’ve kind of transformed into this raging social justice monster and even though I love Sherlock so much I’ll only end up being all cynical and pointing out the sexist/racist/queerphobic/ableist bullshit rather than focusing on the excitement of the actual episode and I don’t want to put you all through that.

3 months ago on January 1st | J | 29 notes

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Countdown to S’3 meme1 day to go!!!

(30) Whatever tickles your fancy ♥ SERIES 3 IS TOMORROW!!!

^the fandom right now

3 months ago on December 31st | J | 22,723 notes

In sort of celebration of the fact that Sherlock series three is actually here (almost), and because so many of the shows the majority of tumblr seems to watch and love are on hiatus/have ended (DW, Merlin, SPN, Breaking Bad), I think I’m going to make a list of the best British TV shows and films that get seem to get neglected on here. British purely because that’s where I’m from and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the British media. Stay tuned, it’ll be a long list, and I’ll hopefully be able to bring in links to where you can watch things. Sound like a good idea?

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